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Purchase a Full Episode of Coastal Connections with Courtney


You will be able to buy a show meaning that you will be featured on the show as our special showcase guest. This gives viewers a deeper understanding of you, your business, and how it has helped the community in a positive way. This will get you recognition from all WLOX viewers with an average of 7,500+ household views, social media exposure, and YouTube viewers.

Each showcase gets a week of social media behind-the-scenes highlights. The captions will have your website and about you and your company. If social media is present for your business, this will be tagged. This allows users to quickly follow and access your social media accounts. As we post you can share our posts in order to engage your own followers. The more shares a post gets, the more exposure you and your company will get. 

Each episode is uploaded onto YouTube and you will be able to share it anytime for those who missed it or are not in the area. You can play the in your office on your television screens. This is a great way to advertise your company.